About Us

FACTS Engineering believes in AutomationFACTS believes in best value products. We believe in providing the most practical automation products. Another way to say this is that we believe in automation with the lowest cost of ownership. This is why we sell our products for what it costs to make plus a reasonable profit instead of what we think the customer is willing to spend.

FACTS believes in outstanding service and technical support because this also reduces the cost of ownership for our customers. We put our customers first. That is why we have continuous process improvement designed to achieve zero defects.

FACTS believes a product can do more for less! We believe in getting the most out of a product. You are paying for the parts so we will give you the most we can for those parts. We will not position the product in the market or limit features.

FACTS believes simpler is better! We do not try to prove how smart we are by using complex circuits, we show how smart we are by designing eloquent circuits that reduce parts count, are lowest cost and provide more features than the customer asked for.

FACTS believes we are different! We set ourselves apart from everyone else in our industry by making automation easy and affordable for everyone.  How our distribution partner, AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com, does this is with free 2 day delivery, best service, best prices, quality products and packaging. On top of that they give you eye popping documentation and training videos.

FACTS shares all of these beliefs with AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com, our distribution partner. That is why FACTS and AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com operate as if we are one company. They believe in what we believe in.

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