About Us

FACTS Engineering believes in AutomationFACTS believes in best val­ue prod­ucts. We believe in pro­vid­ing the most prac­ti­cal automa­tion prod­ucts. Anoth­er way to say this is that we believe in automa­tion with the low­est cost of own­er­ship. This is why we sell our prod­ucts for what it costs to make plus a rea­son­able prof­it instead of what we think the cus­tomer is will­ing to spend.

FACTS believes in out­stand­ing ser­vice and tech­ni­cal sup­port because this also reduces the cost of own­er­ship for our cus­tomers. We put our cus­tomers first. That is why we have con­tin­u­ous process improve­ment designed to achieve zero defects.

FACTS believes a prod­uct can do more for less! We believe in get­ting the most out of a prod­uct. You are pay­ing for the parts so we will give you the most we can for those parts. We will not posi­tion the prod­uct in the mar­ket or lim­it fea­tures.

FACTS believes sim­pler is bet­ter! We do not try to prove how smart we are by using com­plex cir­cuits, we show how smart we are by design­ing elo­quent cir­cuits that reduce parts count, are low­est cost and pro­vide more fea­tures than the cus­tomer asked for.

FACTS believes we are dif­fer­ent! We set our­selves apart from every­one else in our indus­try by mak­ing automa­tion easy and afford­able for every­one.  How our dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner, AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com, does this is with free 2 day deliv­ery, best ser­vice, best prices, qual­i­ty prod­ucts and pack­ag­ing. On top of that they give you eye pop­ping doc­u­men­ta­tion and train­ing videos.

FACTS shares all of these beliefs with AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com, our dis­tri­b­u­tion part­ner. That is why FACTS and AUTOMATIONDIRECT.com oper­ate as if we are one com­pa­ny. They believe in what we believe in.

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