The Insight Principles

Bettering ourselves, one thought at a time.

At FACTS we are constantly trying to make improvements. Whether it be to our products, company workflows, customer & vendor relationships or our workplace environment as a whole. In order to do this we recognize that we also need to strive to be the best versions of ourselves. Through The Insight Principle Inc workshops, we have been learning that the simplest way to accomplish this means becoming aware of our own thinking. By realizing that we are creating our own realities through the way we perceive experiences, we can work more efficiently, bring down stress levels, and ramp up productivity. We can accomplish this all while being more aware and in control of our emotions.

Our team members have been through various workshops since March 2016. These workshops have brought our already tight nit company into a much more communicative environment. Lack of communication is often the root of many office issues. Through our training we have learned to identify and overcome anxieties that may build a communication barrier. With better communication skills, we create insights through conversation which can better our company, products, workflow, and our workplace environment.

In addition to better communication skills, we have also begun to realize when we are getting stuck in our own thinking. Becoming fixated on a problem can cause the mind to block everything else out. So the solution may be right in front of us, but we are blinded by the turbulence of our racing thoughts. When we are able to realize that we are stuck, we can take a step back and reevaluate the issue. Try and imagine it from a different perspective without our own emotions influencing it.

Sometimes taking a break from that problem entirely and coming back to it when our mind has calmed is exactly what needs to happen. When we return to the problem we have a fresh mind and clean realm for thinking. More often then not, we can then figure out the solution very quickly because our thinking has calmed. Once we accomplish this, our problem solving skills improve immensely.

Applying the Insight Principles

“Insight principles are the fundamental dynamics operating in everyone’s mind at all times, regardless of age, background, biological makeup, personality, or personal history. They are the deepest processes working behind the scenes of our moment-by-moment experiences. In short, they are responsible for the way we experience life.”

Insight principles point to these facts:

  • Everything we are experiencing is being crafted by our thinking from the inside-out.
  • We are always feeling our thinking.
  • We can have new thinking at any time.

Outside of the office, we have created a Facebook group to share our insights and keep up the conversation about bettering ourselves and our company as a whole. If you would like to join the conversation, please give us a follow and then join our group here!

Insight Principles Turbulence of the stuckness
Don’t get stuck in your thinking. Rise above the turbulence of the stuckness.

For more information please visit Insight Principles.



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